Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds the creator and coder of the Linux software

Who is Linus Torvalds?

Linus Torvalds is a programmer and an engineer he really likes programming and also he said to his interview that he made applications for his own personal use not for other people. Linus Torvalds is a selfish man he don't like other people, he is a geek when he was young and the only friend he has is his computer an old computer that you need to program to be able to use or make it work that's why young Linus Torvalds read books about assembly language. Linus Torvalds first program was a program that will execute a word in a loop. Linus Torvalds also have mistaken in coding his application but he never give up like others do he finish his work. Linus said that Programming is not his hobby it's his habit. Linus Torvalds code for fun not for the output of his work. He write codes when he was young even though there's no one who could teach him he uses books to learn the basic of programming. Linus Torvalds is good at mathematics and Physics he is a nerdy student when he was young. Linus Torvalds start programming at the age of 11 and also Linus Torvalds wrote his own assembler and editor, as well as a few games.

What is Linux?

Linux is an open source software that many devices use today like our cellphone it uses Linux kernel, Microsoft uses Linux to create or based there operating system that is now successfully been using by many people, car GPS uses Linux ,and also many other devices. We always use Linux in our everyday life because it is open source many other developer improve Linux to have many functionalities. Because of Linux technology have been improved.

What do Linus Torvalds contribute on the internet?

According to, As Wired magazine wrote in 2003, Linus Torvalds posted Linux it on the Internet and invited other programmers to modify or improve it. Since then, many of them help Linus Torvalds in making Linux the most collaborative software in the history. Linux now is the foundation of Open Source used in the Internet by the developers and companies today. Linus Torvalds help other people to improve the technology that we have today. Also According to, Facebook and Google owe their success to Linux. Facebook and Google would not exist today if Linus Torvalds doesn't create Linux.

Why Linus Torvalds?

I choose Linus Torvalds because of his first name Linus that sounds like Linux. I know that Linux is an operating system and Linux has many other operating system like Ubuntu, Peppermint OS, Red Hat and many other Linux based operating system. Being an Information Technology student Linux has been taught to us or being discuss by my classmates but I didn't know who create or code Linux. After I research Linus Torvalds I found out that he made the Linux operating system. I learn that Linus Torvalds love programming and he never give up in making his own personal applications. Even though he was a selfish guy he has been change because he made his work public to all that everyone change modify his code. Sharing codes to other is not my thing because you worked hard to make that code then someone or somebody just copied it, it is not fair but it is fine to Linus Torvalds to share his code to other but they must state that Linus Torvalds is the main owner. Linus Torvalds help many people in improving our technology nowadays because of Linux software. That's why we must follow Linus Torvalds kindness by sharing our work to other so that they can also improve it. Just like Linus Torvalds we must never give up in making our work maybe someday our work will be one of the most popular work that is ever created.